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    Amir Yaar is known as one of the leading financial entrepreneur in Israel with skills to recognize and develop business opportunities based on innovative concept . Amir is experienced and knows how to grasp opportunities and innovative technologies and convert them into a successful business activity worldwide and mainly in the east.
    在以色列很多人认识Amir Yaar被誉为领先的金融企业家之一。一旦Amir 可以看到潜力的机会, 他就知道找到合适的办法 - 让梦想成为现实, 阿米尔是经验丰富,知道如何抓住机遇和创新技术,将它们转换成一个成功的商业活动在东部和在全球

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    Posted by On July 12, 2015




    1)成熟产业化- 转手用于第二或第三次的公司, 就证明了以色列高科技的产业日益成熟,并有不同交易的类型适合不同公司的类型。

    2)从去年的51%交易的增长- 2015上半年平均“退出”是98百万美元,就是51%以上2014年平均的“退出”的65百万美元。平均交易的规模和并购交易的速度增长了,今年上半年就是在50%比去年多。

    3)新的投资者在以色列市场- 从今年开始新的投资进入以色列的市场:全球科技巨头,民营企业超过十亿美元的价值,以及从新的地区新的投资者,特别是丛印度。

    4)以色列公司之前的合并- 数十名以色列科技公司正在经历成长和成熟的过程,从而进行数百万美元的融资项目为资助其成长。

    发表了在以色列的报刊- “The Marker”,2015年7月。

    IVC 和Meitar共同研究。


    Buisness Expansion Update

    Posted by On April 28, 2015

    China Israel Synergy strives to duplicate its activity and success model that was created with the “west” – now with China and Asia, with the necessary adjustments and innovative business models.

    One of our main goals and our mission is “doing well” and make our partners and investors successful, “doing well” by improving and changing the world on both the Technological and Human level.

    Now CIS is heading to the stage of financing, which aims to expand its operations and will allow the company to move forward, become a leading investments platform between China and Israel and bring Israeli technology to the Chinese market and to other Asian markets.

    The company “Road Show” was planned to be held in Mar-May 2015, Confirmation in June-August 2015, Fund Call Up (First closing) in September 2015, and Fund Call up (Second closing) in 2016.

    China Israel Synergy,一种独特的投资公司,公认的机会在早期阶段,并努力复制了与“西”的创建活动并成功模式 – 现在与中国和亚洲

    我们的一个主要目标和我们的使命是做得好,让我们的合作伙伴和投资者成功。做得 好通过改进和改变世界在技术和人力 水平.


    公司”路演”计划将在2015年三月至五月举行,确认在2015年六至八月,基金调出 (第一关) 的2015年九月,和基金调用 (第二关),2016年。

    Updates facts regarding Israeli High-Tech Capital Raising

    Posted by On March 1, 2015

    Israeli start-ups raised record $3.4b in 2014.

    In 2014, Israeli high-tech and life sciences capital raising set an all-time record as 688 companies raised $3.4 billion, IVC and KPMG report. This amount was 46% higher than 2013, when 659 companies raised $2.3 billion.

    In the fourth quarter of 2014 alone, 184 Israeli high-tech companies raised a massive $1.1 billion – the most raised in one quarter since 1999. The amount was 58% higher than the $701 million raised by 170 companies in the third quarter of 2014, and 39% higher than the $795 million raised by 190 companies in the corresponding quarter of 2013.

    The Internet, the life sciences and software were the leading sectors in 2014, attracting 28, 24 and 22% of capital raised, respectively.

    In the fourth quarter of 2014, 22 late stage companies continued to lead all investments – as they did throughout 2014 – with $381 million (34%). The hike in capital raised by Israeli high-tech companies directly reflects the continuing increase in the number of large deals.

    KPMG Somekh Chaikin’s Technology group partner Ofer Sela said, “During 2014, some 39 companies completed financing rounds exceeding $20 million, positioning these companies to continue their market expansion. We believe that the maturity level of Israel-based companies in 2015 will attract private equity investors, resulting in even higher amounts raised per revenue-growth company.”

    He added, “The fact that the number of deals in the $5 million to $20 million range increased consistently throughout the past year shows the ability of Israeli technology companies to attract capital. It has been said by some that you raise money whenever it’s possible. It certainly looks like Israeli entrepreneurs are learning the lesson well, using the opportunity to raise more capital whenever the market allows”



    Some additional info’ regarding Israeli Tech’ sector

    Posted by On December 14, 2014


    Our new movie – “China Israel Synergy” is expanding its business activity

    Posted by On November 12, 2014



    Brief updated introduction about China Israel Synergy

    Posted by On October 10, 2014

    The global crisis in 2008 changed the balance of the global economy – while in the West there was a dramatic reduction in investment in new technologies, an opportunity arose in China and in Israel to flourish together.

    China and Israel can leave their mark at the global market, as Israel has been doing throughout the years with the United States.

    In this historical period of time which we live in, the capabilities of the two countries complement each other, and our shared past and cultural synergy, can and should lead us to a business synergy and shared success.

    When CIS took its first steps (3 years ago) , CIS identified that while technological cooperation between the two countries are woven into a thriving success, China could become (with Israel) the new center of innovation and spread its advantage to the world.

    Lately, things started happening between China and Israel in the field of investment, but this is only the beginning and only a shred of what should and could happen.

    With millions of dollars invested by Chinese entities in leading Israeli technology promising companies and in “Game changers” companies, China Israel Synergy has created business success generating engine, in new models of activities.

    At the end of October we are starting a business move in order to promote a significant expansion of our activities in the following way:

    • We will establish a group that will have a broad business platform; number of specialized arms in different areas will be established, all based on our Innovation, advantages, experience, successes, our unique portfolio and our access to the “Deal flow” of the Israeli High Tech sector.
    • We will add a strategic partner or partners, and we will raise capital to finance our operations and expansion. For those who will consider investing in CIS as a strategic partner – there will be great advantages over the current investment channels, as will be shown during our presentation at the gatherings.
    • We will increase the areas of the activity, as well as the number of “game changing” projects and technologies, all in order to promote and realize our vision, that Israeli technology and innovation can be a “growth engine” to China’s growth

    Sharing some thoughts as Israeli Entrepreneur (and about Iron Dome)

    Posted by On July 17, 2014

    Hello everybody 

    I’m back in Israel after a two weeks business trip in China, and I would like to share my thoughts regarding the sensitive situation in Israel nowadays. 

    As an Israeli and as entrepreneur who is active all across the world (and mainly in China), I feel that I should approach this matter. 

    I will not be the first one to say that we are dealing on a daily bases with difficult situations, and we have to be wise and clever to be strong and determined (protecting our country and our families and friends) in one side and be sensitive and flexible on the other side 

    So I’m in Beijing, having lunch with 12 of my colleagues, we are enjoying ourselves, talking business…and….

    My wife suddenly calls me and tells me about the sirens going on and on in our streets, 0830 Israel time …

    Its early morning in Israel, she is rushing with our kids to the kindergarten, but suddenly missiles flying and exploding (nor the enemy missiles but our ” Iron Dome ” missiles who hit the enemy missiles) above her head.

     I’m far away and there is nothing I can do or say to make it better.

    My little daughter (almost 4 years old) feels my despair, and says to me over the phone – “Daddy, don’t worry, I’m not afraid of missiles!!”, as if she’s protected as she should be. 

    The reality that we are living in, cannot be described in words, as if there are not enough words in our language.

    I’m certain that Israel reacts to our neighbors actions, in the most tolerant way. I’m confident that every other nation would react in a much more severe manner. 

    See this link and understand


     The people of Israel as well as me, my wife and kids – are calm.

    Life is Israel has its own routine, and life goes on, maybe just a bit slower.

    I feel obligated to say that the reason for us being calm is thanks to the Israeli innovative technology.

    I was able to stay in China for the rest of my trip, even when I was worried for the safety of my family, because of our own excellent technology; the “Iron Dome”.

    The Iron Dome is a remarkable example to the great things we do here in Israel. 

    What is the Iron Dome?

    A mobile all-weather air defense system, developed by “Rafael”, an Israeli company that excels in Advanced Defense Systems.

    The system is designed to intercept and destroy short-range rockets and artillery shells fired from distances of 4 kilometers to 70 kilometers.

    The system successfully intercepted the Grad rocket launches from Gaza. The “Jerusalem Post” once reported that the system shot down 90% of rockets launched from Gaza, which would have landed in populated areas.

    I strongly believe that the Iron Dome is the most-effective, most-tested missile shield the world has ever seen.

    Companies such as “Refael”, “Alta”, the “Air Force Industry”, “Elbit” and more, continues to develop high efficiency systems.

    Today, these 4 companies are the leading companies in the world in the fields of development and manufacturing missiles against missiles systems, radar systems, control and monitoring systems and more. 

    I would like to conclude with saying that I’m a man of peace. I’m certain that our technology in this field of expertise comes as a result of our necessity to survive. I wish that in the future, we won’t need technologies to live a peaceful life, and we could just live in peace.


    Challenges while promoting investments from China in Israeli technology companies

    Posted by On March 13, 2014

    China and Israel are 2 ancient cultures which share great respect for each other and the same values; however there is much difference when it comes to the business culture

    The two economies complete each other. On the one hand, there is much innovation and many game changing technologies in Israel (some are new and some are not so new), however, the Israeli market is small and when Israeli companies wish to develop and breakthrough, they usually look for the western markets and in addition, Israel as a small country has a relatively small circulation capital. The Chinese market is huge (and also in Asia in general) and it has large resources and capital (also as a part of the change in the shifting of capital from east to west) and on the other hand, it has interest and will to locate and use innovative technologies which can support its growth for the increase of consumption, increase of exportation and mainly to improve the quality of life of its people

    When we established “China Israel Synergy”, our vision was to develop the business base exiting already to promote “smart” investments from China in Israeli technology companies, which following the investment these technologies will be implemented in China. Indeed, during the last year we saw a sort of “awakening” in activities side by side with many challenges which I will state some of them here

    Size– Chinese companies which are relevant to the investment issue are usually big. Israeli technology companies are usually small

    Technology– companies and investors from China usually look for relatively big companies who already have sales cycles while the business opportunities are in a different kind of companies

    Business model– Chinese companies and investors prefer to gain control while the Israeli companies look for an investment in return for 10%-30% (depends of the amount invested and the evaluation) of the company’s stock

    IP– a very fundamental issue for Israeli companies, the Israeli economy and the government, especially since in many cases part of the basic technology does not come from the civil market

    Manufacturing- Chinese companies wish to transfer all the manufacturing to China while Israeli companies wish to do it gradually and in many cases some of the manufacturing does not include the technological core

    Market– the Chinese market is very important for the Israeli companies, however many of them are active in the western market and the activity in China is in addition to other markets and not instead. The Chinese companies mainly care about the Chinese market, and the ability to step out to the world market

    Agreements– for Israeli companies and Israeli in general, the signing of an agreement means the end of a process (after all is agreed). For the Chinese business people, the signing of an agreement (usually there are few levels of agreements and it’s regarding usually partial agreements) is sometime part of the process of the negotiation

    Exits in Israeli High Tech 2013

    Posted by On February 13, 2014

    According to evaluations, in 2013 the total amount of Israeli exists will reach 6 billion dollars, the highest amount in the last 6 years. In 2012 the average sale amount was 111 million dollars, in 2011 81 million dollars and in 2012 51 million dollars. In 2012 the total amount of acquisition reached 5.5 milliard dollars and in 2011 5 milliard dollars. Either way, the average exist amount of Israel start-ups in 2013 reached a record of 140 million dollars since 2005

    Google purchased WAZE for $966 million.

    IBM purchased TRUSTEEI for $650 million.

    OPKO purchased PROLOR BIOTECH for $480 million.

    CISCO purchased INTUCELL for $475 million.

    AOL purchased ADAP.TV for $405 million.

    AVAGO purchased CYOPTICS for $400 million.

    EMC purchased SCALEIO for $250 million.

    SHANGHAI FOSUN purchased ALMA LASERS for $240 million.

    ALLSCRIPTS purchased DBMOTION for $235 million.

    FACEBOOK purchased ONAVO for $120 million

    HK-Israel “Game Changing” Technologies Gathering, Jan 10 2014

    Posted by On January 10, 2014




    We had today another successful event in HK with the support of the Israeli gov’, Deloitte, Israel Asia chamber of commerce, Invest HK and other dear good friends. It’s a good start for 2014. Step by step, deal after deal, event after event and mainly with entrepreneurship and innovation, our vision become true. Especially “BIG” TNX for the 4 Israeli CEO’s who trusted us and came especially to HK for this unique gathering. Wish you all a great weekend