Brief updated introduction about China Israel Synergy

The global crisis in 2008 changed the balance of the global economy – while in the West there was a dramatic reduction in investment in new technologies, an opportunity arose in China and in Israel to flourish together.

China and Israel can leave their mark at the global market, as Israel has been doing throughout the years with the United States.

In this historical period of time which we live in, the capabilities of the two countries complement each other, and our shared past and cultural synergy, can and should lead us to a business synergy and shared success.

When CIS took its first steps (3 years ago) , CIS identified that while technological cooperation between the two countries are woven into a thriving success, China could become (with Israel) the new center of innovation and spread its advantage to the world.

Lately, things started happening between China and Israel in the field of investment, but this is only the beginning and only a shred of what should and could happen.

With millions of dollars invested by Chinese entities in leading Israeli technology promising companies and in “Game changers” companies, China Israel Synergy has created business success generating engine, in new models of activities.

At the end of October we are starting a business move in order to promote a significant expansion of our activities in the following way:

  • We will establish a group that will have a broad business platform; number of specialized arms in different areas will be established, all based on our Innovation, advantages, experience, successes, our unique portfolio and our access to the “Deal flow” of the Israeli High Tech sector.
  • We will add a strategic partner or partners, and we will raise capital to finance our operations and expansion. For those who will consider investing in CIS as a strategic partner – there will be great advantages over the current investment channels, as will be shown during our presentation at the gatherings.
  • We will increase the areas of the activity, as well as the number of “game changing” projects and technologies, all in order to promote and realize our vision, that Israeli technology and innovation can be a “growth engine” to China’s growth

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