Buisness Expansion Update

China Israel Synergy strives to duplicate its activity and success model that was created with the “west” – now with China and Asia, with the necessary adjustments and innovative business models.

One of our main goals and our mission is “doing well” and make our partners and investors successful, “doing well” by improving and changing the world on both the Technological and Human level.

Now CIS is heading to the stage of financing, which aims to expand its operations and will allow the company to move forward, become a leading investments platform between China and Israel and bring Israeli technology to the Chinese market and to other Asian markets.

The company “Road Show” was planned to be held in Mar-May 2015, Confirmation in June-August 2015, Fund Call Up (First closing) in September 2015, and Fund Call up (Second closing) in 2016.

China Israel Synergy,一种独特的投资公司,公认的机会在早期阶段,并努力复制了与“西”的创建活动并成功模式 – 现在与中国和亚洲

我们的一个主要目标和我们的使命是做得好,让我们的合作伙伴和投资者成功。做得 好通过改进和改变世界在技术和人力 水平.


公司”路演”计划将在2015年三月至五月举行,确认在2015年六至八月,基金调出 (第一关) 的2015年九月,和基金调用 (第二关),2016年。

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