About Amir Yaar

Amir Yaar, Founder & CEO of China Israel Synergy

杨爱民, 创始人及总 

Amir Yaar is known as one of the leading financial entrepreneurs in Israel, who is recognized as a business opportunities finder. Once Amir sees the business potential opportunity – the road of making it from concept to reality is just a question of time. This is exactly what happened with China- and is still happening- it is Amir’s honor and pleasure to establish this platform for business relations and activities between China and Israel, and promoting investments from China to Israel and promoting assimilation of technology and innovation from Israel to China.

杨爱民(Amir Yaar)是中国以色列协同集团的创始人及总裁。杨总被称为以色列企业家的领先金融家之一,另外还被确认为商业机遇发现者。当杨总看出潜在的商业机会时,对他来说:使其从概念变为现实仅仅是迟早的事情。在中国这发生了什么,和仍然发生- 杨爱民是高兴和自豪开发平台促进投资从中国到以色列和从以色列到中国的技术和创新还有促进同化。

20 years ago, Amir Yaar established one of the most successful companies in the Israeli insurance and finance industry and made an exit at 2009-2010.


China Israel Synergy was founded by Amir in 2011, after a long process of learning and exploring through an intensive fieldwork. The successful “China-Israel HealthCare Technologies Conference” the company hosted in Beijing on September 4th, 2012 is considered to be the formal declaration of the beginning of the business operation and a milestone of the company’s activities.


During his former business career, Amir has gained an extensive experience regards working with and representing large organizations while managing their pension budgets. He was focused on the largest hi-tech companies in Israel and their top managements teams as well as governmental companies, provided them with facilities and accompanied them in the field of insurance and financial services. As Amir Yaar used to say: “It’s all about people!”


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