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China Israel Synergy is a new international investment & cooperate advisory company that works via a unique business model and its target is to promote investments from China into Israeli technology & innovation.

China Israel Synergy was established to bring together the two complementary economic forces.

Israel is one of the most innovative nations in the world (“Start Up Nation”), its major international investments till now are coming from United States, Europe and other worldwide leading companies. The sources mentioned above have established in Israel R&D Centers and procured many Israeli companies. China is both capitalized and world’s largest consumer market.

We in China Israel Synergy believe that China should take an active and leading role, like in the US, when beyond the possible successful investments; there is a great chance that China’s activity will contribute and amplify the stability and peace in the Middle East.

China Israel Synergy is a pioneer corporation in its own way. It was founded in order to serve as a platform to the materialization of the cultural Synergy between China to Israel.

China Israel Synergy works both in China and Israel, while serves as a local partner in Israel to the Chinese investors.

The representation and the facilities that China Israel Synergy gives is a long lasting basis relationship.

The activity of the China Israel Synergy constitutes a bridge between the two antique nations which have the cultural Synergy between them. The result of this activity is to transform the cultural Synergy to a business and economic Synergy.

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