From WICO important conference

| November 3, 2013

Beijing, October 29, 2013- Amir Yaar speaks in the conference of WICO 2013 and presents his concept of the Israeli innovation and its importance to China´s economy. Thanks to my friends at the CFIE who gave me the honor to share my vision and ideas

First signs of maturation in the Israeli BioMed industry

| June 28, 2013

We had 2 weeks ago  2 BioMed and Medical Device conferences in Israel At Monday 10th , the annual BioMed conference opened in Tel-Aviv and is dedicated entirely  to Israeli health technologies. In the last decade the Biomed industry has made a significant leap. In 2003 there were only 300 Israeli BioMed companies however since […]

From our last conference at BJ Sep 4

| September 14, 2012

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From our last conference at BJ Sep 4

| September 14, 2012

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China-Israel HealthCare Technologies Conference

| September 5, 2012

Dear friends from China and from Israel . The conference was a great success This conference was a key milestone in our activities in China and we wish to express our gratitude for the assistance and support of the Israeli Embassy in Beijing, Deloitte, CCPIT, and to all the rest of our friends who helped […]