Updates facts regarding Israeli High-Tech Capital Raising

| March 1, 2015

Israeli start-ups raised record $3.4b in 2014. In 2014, Israeli high-tech and life sciences capital raising set an all-time record as 688 companies raised $3.4 billion, IVC and KPMG report. This amount was 46% higher than 2013, when 659 companies raised $2.3 billion. In the fourth quarter of 2014 alone, 184 Israeli high-tech companies raised […]

Our new movie – “China Israel Synergy” is expanding its business activity

| November 12, 2014


Brief updated introduction about China Israel Synergy

| October 10, 2014

The global crisis in 2008 changed the balance of the global economy – while in the West there was a dramatic reduction in investment in new technologies, an opportunity arose in China and in Israel to flourish together. China and Israel can leave their mark at the global market, as Israel has been doing throughout […]

Sharing some thoughts as Israeli Entrepreneur (and about Iron Dome)

| July 17, 2014

Hello everybody  I’m back in Israel after a two weeks business trip in China, and I would like to share my thoughts regarding the sensitive situation in Israel nowadays.  As an Israeli and as entrepreneur who is active all across the world (and mainly in China), I feel that I should approach this matter.  I […]

How Israeli technology can be significant impacts for the benefit of China and its people?

| May 26, 2013

This time I choose to not only write and describe it, but (in few posts in the coming weeks) give examples of specific Israeli technology companies Ihave the honor and privilege of working with them . Let’s start with clean energy and let’s focus on the specific in air pollution. One company has developed unique […]

Israel – the “Start-up Nation”

| January 21, 2013

Israeli Innovation Please see page in our website http://www.ci-synergy.asia/207410/Israel-Innovation   Israel has gained this respectable title, in which is worldwide famous with, according to the World Economic Forum’s index data – Israel is rated as world’s No.1 in terms of R&D investment per GDP; Israel is ranked the 3rd in the world in terms of […]

Israel Innovation

| March 1, 2012

Israel is the “Start-up Nation”.  Innovation is Israel’s (almost) only “natural resource”. In 2011 58 Israeli Start-Up companies were sold valued at 5.1$ billion. Only in 2006 were sold more Israeli companies totaling at 10.1$ billion. According to the World Economic Forum’s index data, Israel is rated as world’s No.1 in terms of R&D investment […]